Athlefix Vs Other Massage Gun Brands.

Athlefix Vs Other Massage Gun Brands.

Be careful. Do not fall for some of the marketing strategies from other massage gun companies. They are known to boast and falsify their statistics and figures to entice consumers into purchasing.

When it comes to massage guns, there is no doubt that there is a wide array of variety and competition. Every brand out there screams to be industry leading and revolutionary. Somehow, each brand boasts to have the best specifications possible. But the question of the matter is how valid are these claims? Let’s be realistic, is it really possible for each and every massage gun brand out there to be the best in the business? In case you are wondering, the answer is no. These unrealistic claims are mere forms of marketing to wrongfully entice the consumer into purchasing from their brand.

We understand it is a bold statement to make. Here at Athlefix we are nothing but honest about our specifications. We take pride in our establishment as a UK based massage gun brand. We do not falsify our figures to unethically show we are better than what we are. Having said this, our specifications are still extremely competitive to those credible massage guns out there.

Now let’s talk warranty. Let’s say you make the mistake  of having purchased your massage gun from elsewhere and something goes wrong down the line. Are you really subject to a free replacement as part of your ‘warranty’? The answer is almost always no or even a makeshift excuse to avoid acting on this warranty. Here at Athlefix, we have extended our warranty for another year. So if you purchase from us and in the unlikely situation of a technical fault, we will examine the issue and provide a free replacement - no beating around the bush. You can expect to speak to our trusted experts in addressing the issue and we guarantee to solve the problem in a way that suits you. That’s how we’re built as a brand. Our customers are the ones who define us. Not no fake claims and Marketing lies.

Athlefix. The brand made and led by athletes. What do athletes do? They stick by something or someone they believe in. That’s what we do even though its retail! What are we talking about? Our after sales service! How many companies push you to buy something and once you’ve purchased, that’s it? We could think of plenty. That’s why here at Athlefix, you’re not only paying for a product but a service too. A premium yet affordable service. Any questions, queries or just expert advice we do it all!