How To Make The Most Out Of Your Athlefix Massage Gun

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Athlefix Massage Gun

The Athlefix Massage Gun has 8 Interchangeable Attachment Heads. Each Head Is Specifically Designed With An Intended Purpose. From a broad massage on a larger muscle group to a precise focused massage targeted on smaller muscle groups. Simply choose one of that attachments that feels the most comfortable and effective on you. Then, place the athlefix massage gun on the desired muscle group and let the pulses do the work.

You can move the massage gun slowly around the targeted muscle area in a circular motion. Adjust the speed setting to suit your needs, with the highest speed reaching 3,500 RPM. You can move it in an up and down motion or side to side - based on personal preference.

Note: Athlefix experts recommend not to use directly on joints or bones. Be cautious to not spend too long on a muscle group - you should not exceed 10 minutes per muscle group.

Athlefix Pro Tip: Use the massage gun on the soles of the feet to help treat plantar fasciitis!

If you’re looking for an affordable massage gun that stands out from the competition, invest in a Athlefix massage gun today and feel the benefits immediately.