Targeting Lower Back Pain:

Targeting Lower Back Pain:

First, pick the right attachment. Our Expert recommends the ball head - the soft and round head.

Use the massage gun on your hip flexors. These are the big muscles at the front of your hips. 15 seconds on each side.

Then target the massage gun on your hamstrings for 15 seconds on each leg.

Following this, target your TFL. This is the muscles on the side of your hips, just above the hip joint. 15 Seconds on each side.

Move to your adductors on the inner thigh. Once again, 15 seconds on each side.

Lastly, treat your lower back directly.  Starting with the lumbar area. Following this, start working on your sacrum for 15 seconds each side.

When you’re done, do some light stretches to all of the muscles you’ve targeted. Perform this routine as many times a day as you need.