The Science Behind Massage Guns.

The Science Behind Massage Guns.

The Science Behind Massage Guns. Do They Actually Work?

A number of studies suggest percussive massage guns are essential to increase blood flow towards muscles, increase joint range of motion and can reduce muscle soreness from exercise (DOMS). Vibrating recovery tools are, therefore, worthwhile strategies to include in your recovery program.

Massage Guns And Muscle Recovery:

Athlefix focuses on its ability to help with muscle recovery after exercise. It’s proven that we (as athletes) get stronger from our workouts and training in the time between training sessions. Therefore, quicker recovery from workouts and more consistent training will lead to greater results.

It’s no surprise that our muscles are usually sore after workouts. Our body releases chemicals in our blood alerting our minds of muscle damage. These chemical are signals to the body that we need to focus on muscle strengthening.

The Impact of Athlefix Massage Guns on Muscle Soreness and Range of Motion - ROM.

The impact of percussive therapy and muscle soreness is well researched. The research overwhelmingly supports the effectiveness of percussive therapy for decreasing muscle soreness after workouts whilst increasing the range of motion at the joints.

A very recent meta-analysis was conducted to assess the results from 10 different research studies and found that muscle soreness was significantly lower 24,48 and 72 hours after exercise when users used the Athlefix massage gun to help them recover. The biggest difference in muscle soreness between those that did and did not use the massage gun was seen at the 48 hour mark.

A number of other studies have also shown that percussive therapy lead to early reduction of pain after intense workouts and training. Consequently, this helps prevent further injury.

Vibrational Percussive Therapy on the calves in particular leads to a greater range of motion at the ankle. Similarly, this same therapy targeted at the lower back leads to better sit and reach scores. The and reach test assesses hamstrings and lower back flexibility. As a result, the better the score for the sit and reach test, the lower the risk of lower back injury.

In Summary, our experts say it is a great and essential idea to incorporate the use of the Athlefix massage gun amongst your workout recovery procedures if you intend to decrease muscle soreness, stiffness and DOMS whilst increasing a range of motion and flexibility. Your muscles will feel better, recovery more effectively and your workouts will be enhanced.

Athlefix and Strength Recovery After Workouts:

Recovery of strength after training sessions in one of the most important elements of training for those who lift weights. Personal bests and consistent strength is what we train for. Although there is no direct impact on percussive therapy and strength training, there is a significant relationship when it comes to revitalising your muscles and strength training.